Soup of the day

House Made Soup Special with Sourdough Croutons


Turkish Dumplings, Burnt Butter, Chilli, Fermented Garlic Yoghurt & Aleppo Pepper

Chicken Schnitz

Swiss Cheese, Spiced Pickles, Rocket & Mayo on Soft Baguette(FRIES + $6)

Angus Beef Burger

Milk Bun, Tomato, Onion, Lettuce, Pickles, Burger Sauce (FRIES + $6) (EXTRA BEEF + $6)

Slow Roasted Spiced Lamb Shoulder ( GFO )

Green Pea Hummus, Cucumber, Toasted Caraway & Fresh Chilli


Tasmanian Rock Lobster, Rocquette, Pesto, Squid Ink Crumble