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Welcome to Monti Food and Wine. We specialise in serving modern Australian food with a Mediterranean influence. We love good food and coffee as much as you do, and we love to serve it with an irresistible blend of tastes and aromas.

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At Monti food and wine, our specialty includes the complete brunch menu - something that prepares you for a fun & delicious experience. We showcase a wide range of beautiful flavours that will melt in your mouth. Our goal is to provide delicious meals with a stunning assortment of wines. We also do great coffee – perfect for breakfast and lunch.

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Things You Must Try At Monti

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    Eastern Style Eggs

    63° Eggs, Fermented Garlic Yoghurt, Aleppo Pepper, Chimmi Churri, Sesame Bread
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    Turkish baked Eggs, Tomato, Green Peppers, Chilli, Garden Herbs
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    Corn and Haloumi Fritter, Choban, Avocado Mousse & Poached Egg
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    Tabouli Spiced Avocado

    Harissa Spiced Avocado, Goats Cheese, Tomato Tabouli on Mixed Grain
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    Smoked Salmon On Rye

    Smoked Salmon, Dill Pickles, Crème Cheese, Chives, On Rye
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    Eggplant & Fetta Dumplings

    Tomato, Baby Fennel, Grana Perdano
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    Mushrooms (GFO,V)

    Fried Duck Egg, Wild Mushrooms, Truffle, Brioche, Shaved Grana Padano


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